Silence Mornings


Monthly Silence Mornings at Brinscall Hall

Do you feel the need for more inner rest and peace?

Usually, our minds and emotions are forever on the move and we take everything personally.  We load up our “I” with likes and dislikes, good and bad, rights and wrongs, and we take our body and our package of thoughts and feelings to be who we are.  We fail to see that the real “I” is the same “I” of everyone and is pure, perfect, free, forever.  Stepping free of these binding thoughts and feelings is called liberation – and the practice is to remember this again and again.

These silent mornings provide an opportunity for this practice.  You will be free to use the unstructured time and space as you wish, coming together with others for meditation, breakfast and conversation on the practice at the end of the morning.

The mornings will start with meditation at 8 am followed by a light breakfast and then the silent session (with a refreshment break) will run until 11:30am when the group will meet together for conversation.  The morning will finish at 12:30.

No prior experience is necessary and everyone is welcome.

At the moment the group meets monthly on a Friday morning.  Email for further details.

There is a cost of £5 to cover breakfast and refreshments.

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